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Roses Don’t Have Scent Anymore

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Have you ever noticed how the roses you buy at a florist do not have a scent anymore? Also, green seedless grapes seem to stay firm and with a beautiful appearance for a very long time.

Our world is changing drastically. Many products are being engineered to look better and last longer. I would think this change is bottom line driven; allowing companies to sell perishables that do not perish so quickly. The producers and the retailers may be saving money, but what is this practice really costing the consumer.

I think the first thing we are losing is taste. The cantaloupe you buy at the farmer’s market tastes so much better than the one on the produce shelf of the local grocery store. At this time the long term health effects from genetically engineered food is unknown. I am certainly no expert in this field; however, I will continue to buy my food from the farmer at the market whenever I can.

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