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Holiday Greeting from Dr. Chambers

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Dr. Chambers Christmas

Dr. Ann Chambers, TBCRU

We would like to wish our friends and supporters at the Breast Cancer Society of Canada happy and relaxing holidays. We would also like to thank the Breast Cancer Society of Canada for the very generous and long-time support of the TBCRU, which is named in honour of Pamela Greenaway Kohlmeier, daughter of Lawrence and Kay Greenaway and wife of Guy Kohlmeier. Pam’s family created the Breast Cancer Society of Canada as a legacy to Pam.

Since 1998, the Breast Cancer Society of Canada has been a strong supporter of the TBCRU. One of our key focuses is on training the next generation of breast cancer researchers through scholarships to Western University graduate students and postdoctoral scholars working on breast cancer research with a path to benefit patients (translational or bench-to-bedside research). Each year we hold a grant competition and award scholarships to the best trainees and the best projects.

For the academic year 2013-2014, we are funding 27 TBCRU trainees! These trainees are listed on our website.

We are supporting 15 students working toward their MSc degrees, nine PhD students and three postdoctoral scholars. These trainees are working on a diverse series of breast cancer research projects in seven different Western University departments. Over the next several months, some of these trainees and their faculty mentors will be telling you a bit about themselves and their research projects.

In the meantime, we want to wish you happy holidays with your family and friends!

From Dr. Ann Chambers, Director of the Pamela Greenaway Kohlmeier Translational Breast Cancer Research Unit (TBCRU)

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