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How I aim to live green

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Kimberly kayaking in the Georgian Bay

Kimberly kayaking in the Georgian Bay

Because I am a woman, I am at risk for breast cancer.  However, there are many “green” things I can do in my everyday life that will help reduce my risk.

Kayaking, hiking, fishing and scuba diving are some of my favourite hobbies, however, when I can’t do these activities, I always make time to get outside and exercise. Since I spend most of my work day at my desk it’s really important for me to spend an hour outside each day walking my dogs.

According to a 2013 study of 73,000 women, walking vigorously for one hour a day can reduce a woman’s risk of breast cancer up to 25%. This study shows a very important link between exercise and breast cancer, and it is a great motivator for me to continue my daily exercise and personal fitness routine.

Another important factor to living green and reducing my risk of breast cancer is my diet. I eat plenty of fresh fruit and veggies every day, especially breast-healthy veggies such as broccoli, cauliflower, and mushrooms.  Over the years I have completely phased out processed food; I strive to eat a plant-based diet which is good for the environment and for my body.

It’s not always easy, but choosing the healthier and greener options will also help reduce your risk of breast cancer.

Visit the Healthy Living section on our website to learn more about reducing your risk of breast cancer through exercise and nutrition.

Kimberly Carson, CEO

We’re halfway there – Ontario and Nova Scotia

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piggy bankWith a total of $15 million of research funded across Canada, we have made exceptional strides in learning more about breast cancer. PhD students and senior researchers are working each and every day to learn more about how this disease operates and how we can improve treatment methods.

In London, Ontario BCSC has committed $10 million to the Pamela Greenaway-Kohlmeier Translational Breast Cancer Research Unit (TBCRU), named after Pam. This team has a special focus on breast cancer metastasis. Metastasis is when breast cancer spreads to a different part of the body – this is often when the cancer becomes deadly.

A total of 17 students are currently researching at the TBCRU lab, under the wings of skilled senior researchers.  With nearly $6 million funded to date, we are more than halfway there, and with your help, they will continue their valuable work.

Did you know student researchers are critical to the research process?

Why? Because students are able to perform the detailed, repetitive tasks that research requires at a lower cost to donors. Taking part in research, under the wings of a senior scientist, helps students become well-trained, accomplished researchers.

QEII Health Sciences Center in Halifax, Nova Scotia also operates a collaborative lab with senior and student researchers conducting lifesaving breast cancer research. Here, studies take place on breast carcinoma cells, triple-negative breast cancer, and breast cancer cell metabolism.

BCSC has committed $2.4 million to QEII. To date, we have surpassed $1 million in funding to QEII researchers, but we need your help to fund incoming 2016 student researchers!

We’re halfway there – Help us reach our funding goals of $10 million in Ontario and $2.4 million in Nova Scotia.

Your help gives world-renowned Canadian researchers a chance to continue their breast cancer advancements and train the next generation of researchers.

Thank you,
Kimberly Carson, CEO

Hello from Kimberly Carson

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kimberly carson

New CEO Kimberly Carson

Hello! Please allow me to introduce myself, I haven’t been here long, but with over 25 years in the nonprofit sector I have fluidly immersed myself in the Breast Cancer Society of Canada’s legacy, achievements and spirit. That means I already know that you are an integral part of BCSC. I may not know you personally yet, but I do know that your time or hard-earned dollars have contributed to the success and achievements we have earned.

Earlier this year BCSC developed a renewed focus with 5 strategic priorities. I am eagerly engaging in these 5 key areas by using my expertise to ensure BCSC’s growth and prosperity.

I am thrilled that my deep passion for affecting positive change has brought me to BCSC. In my first week I have been welcomed with open arms by staff, volunteers and board members. Their spirit and unwavering commitment to this vital organization is infectious.

With a 24 year legacy, there is so much history to be built upon and so many opportunities for us that will allow us to further grow and impact breast cancer across Canada.

Most of us are familiar with Pam Greenaway-Kohlmeier’s legacy. Pam was the beautiful daughter, wife and mother of two children who inspired the creation of BCSC. Pam will continue to be our inspiration, along with all other Canadian women and men who have been affected by breast cancer.

I want to ensure you understand how deeply we value your support; I hope you know that my team and I are thankful for your help. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. I look forward to working with you.

Thank you,
Kimberly Carson
Chief Executive Officer

Executive Director Says “Goodbye”

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I believe this is the most difficult blog that I have ever written; there are tears in my eyes and a smile on my face!

Marsha Davidson

Marsha Davidson, Executive Director

As I head into retirement next month, the very first thought that comes to mind is an overwhelming feeling of honour. I feel very honoured to have had a leadership role in the Breast Cancer Society of Canada over the last six years.  I often think of the founding families, the Greenaways and the Kohlmeiers, taking the loss of their beloved Pam and turning it into a legacy that has made a difference for so many. All across Canada, families like the Greenaways and Kohlmeiers have been empowered to support breast cancer research so others diagnosed with this disease will have better treatments and a greater hope for survival.  Funding research is so important. It is the only solution to putting an end to this disease that affects so many.  I truly feel honoured to have had a small role in this legacy.

This role has allowed me to experience so much.  The thrill of a successfully executed event, the humbling generosity of others, the passion of volunteers, the despair of breast cancer patients and the hope that funding research provides. It has also allowed me to meet many wonderful people who work tirelessly for this cause, they are an inspiration.  With the aid of staff, volunteers, board members and many, many donors much has been accomplished and I am so thankful for the support of all. Success at the Society has certainly been a team effort!

Most goodbye blogs focus on the past, but, I am delighted to let you know that the future will be bright and exciting for the Breast Cancer Society of Canada. The board is actively working to ensure that this organization will continue to grow and expand by building team capacity to achieve even more. The board has taken us through in-depth strategic planning and a comprehensive organizational review—all in preparation for the new CEO.  I am very grateful to the board of directors for their dedication and due diligence in this process. The Society will be able to maintain and build on the momentum that we currently enjoy.  I predict a little bigger and a much better organization that will be recognized in Canada for their support of leading edge breast cancer research teams.

So Pam, your legacy continues. As I join my husband in retirement, ready to explore the next phase of our lives, I feel confident that I am leaving you in good hands.

Marsha Davidson
Executive Director

Cancer charity with similar name being investigated by FTC

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CNN Video

The Breast Cancer Society of Canada is not associated with American charity The Breast Cancer Society Inc. which is currently being investigated by the Federal Trade Commission. The Breast Cancer Society of Canada has never has been affiliated with The Breast Cancer Society Inc.

The Breast Cancer Society of Canada is a Canadian charity that has existed for 24 years. Our mission is to save lives through breast cancer research.

Thanks to generous supporters, the Breast Cancer Society of Canada has donated over $13 million to Canadian breast cancer research since it began.

We thank donors for their continued confidence in the Breast Cancer Society of Canada and their support in our mission to save lives through breast cancer research. We assure all donors that the Breast Cancer Society of Canada manages their donations with the responsibility entrusted to us. We make every effort to get donations to life-saving breast cancer research in a timely and impactful manner.


2014 Financials of the Breast Cancer Society of Canada
A total of $ 1,132,396.00 was granted to Canadian breast cancer research in 2013-14 fiscal year.








The Breast Cancer Society of Canada is completely transparent with its financials. Recent audited financial statements are available on the Breast Cancer Society of Canada’s website at the following link:

– Marsha Davidson
Executive Director

Community events keep us going

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Every day I am humbled by the generosity of others. This sentiment is especially true when I think of the dedicated people who organize and host community events to raise funds for the Breast Cancer Society of Canada. We have many community events throughout the year, but I would like to draw attention to a few of the passionate people who have been organizing events for many years.

John Baines and his daughter Kelly started organizing Bowling for Boobs in St. Thomas Ontario soon after John’s wife passed away from breast cancer. This has turned into a two day, two bowling alley event! The bowling teams dress up and enjoy a fun filled tournament. Organizing this event has turned into a yearlong affair for both John and Kelly.

Krista VanSickle from Scotiabank in Olds, AB is instrumental in organizing the Scotiabank Bowling for Boobs each year in her community. This year will be the fifth consecutive year where the employees of Scotiabank lace up their bowling shoes for a fun team building day!

Chris Carson and his colleagues at Symposium Café, a restaurant chain in the GTA and beyond, organize the Symposium Café Golf Tournament every year in August. Each year they have a full double golf course, with a shot gun start.  They highlight their food and drink expertise and great service by offering such activities as wine tasting, hosted by their Pretty in Pink waitresses.

Suzanne Christie of Open Jaw Network Ltd, each year organizes a winter fun fest for the travel industry called Winterboob. This fun event has been running for more than ten years!!


We are very excited about some new 2015 Community Events!!!

The Commffest Community Film Festival, led by Sandie De Freitas, is an International Art Exhibit with auction proceeds supporting the “Society.”  This event will run from Sep 23rd to 30th at the Rotunda in downtown Toronto. We are honoured to be partnered with such a high profile event. Thank you Commffest!
Check it out at

Tough Guys Wear Pink is a four day bike marathon!  Jonathan Boutin, Trevor Poulsen and William McRae will be biking 1000kms in four days from Ottawa, ON to Campbellton, NB, gathering pledges to fund breast cancer research. Show your support for these “tough guys” by pledging them on our Community Events webpage—Community-Events


The “Society” funds over $1 million a year in breast cancer research. Up to one quarter of all donations come from fantastic community events hosted by people just like you!

Join these passionate people by organizing an event in your community. Funds raised will support breast cancer research because Research Saves Lives!! The staff of the “Society” will assist you with your successful event by creating a mini website for online pledges, creating posters, and sending out ribbons, stickers etc. as giveaways. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of so many.

– Marsha Davidson
Executive Director

National Volunteer Week 2015

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Happy National Volunteer Week!
If you are interested in volunteering, we encourage you to contact our friendly Volunteer Coordinator, Johanne. Apply here:


Emma and Ella, you made my day!

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Dear Emma and Ella from the daycareconnection, Toronto,

You made my day!! What a kind and caring gesture to organize a sale to support breast cancer research. Your parents and teachers must be very proud of you; we certainly are!

We agree with you; we also want “people to have a happy ending,” that is why we raise funds for breast cancer research, because Research Saves Lives.  Thank you so much for your generous donation. You both are an inspiration for others.

Warmest Regards,
Marsha Davidson


Emma and Ella’s letter:

Emma and Ella’s Letter

“Hi! My name is Emma. I am 10 years old. I did this sale with my friend Ella. We raised over $100 in cash. My mom had breast cancer when I was little. She survived breast cancer and my whole family is happy to have her with us. I did this sale with Ella because I want people to have a happy ending just like I did. Thank you! Love Emma”

“Hi! My name is Ella. I am 10 years old. I did this sale at daycareconnection. I did this sale with Emma. Her mom had breast cancer. I am very supportive so I helped Emma do the sale. We wanted to help. So we did this sale. We raised $170 for this charity and the research. Thank you for helping all the women with breast cancer. Love always, Ella”

2015, New Year, New Solutions

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Happy 2015! Here’s to new ideas and new solutions.

Happy Holidays from the BCSC ladies

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It’s been a year for the history books! We are proud to tell you 2014 is the first year we have ever grossed more than $2 million in our 24-year history. We couldn’t have done it without your help. Thank you for making 2014 an excellent year for us as an organization; your continued dedication inspires us each and every day.

Wishing you and your family a very happy holiday with health and happiness in the new year.

Johanne, Marsha, Dawn, Katarina, Diane, and Sarah