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 About the Breast Cancer Society of Canada

“Inspired by one family's search for a cure, the Breast Cancer Society of Canada’s mission is to engage in grassroots fundraising that supports patient focused research for diagnosis, treatment and prevention.”

The Breast Cancer Society of Canada is a national organization with a family focused foundation, firmly established by Lawrence and Kay Greenaway, in memory of their daughter  Pam who died of breast cancer at 38 years old. She left behind two small children and a loving husband. The Greenaway and Kohlmeier families positively transformed their deep loss into a mission to raise money to fund the research that could ultimately cure this devastating disease. 

“I think about Pam all the time, but it was almost as devastating to find out there were thousands of daughters besides my own with breast cancer” ~Lawrence Greenaway.

Click here to read Pam's story in full.

Like many good family ideas, the Greenaway’s charitable endeavour began in 1991 in the basement of their family home. The first event they organized was a Mother's Day walk where friends and family walked in support of Pam and her family. $2,000 was raised that first year.  Decades later,  their family based legacy is being carried forward by a growing number of dedicated volunteers, a board of directors and a professional staff. 

The Breast Cancer Society of Canada continues to embrace the Greenaway’s grassroots philosophy through a strong belief in a one-on-one approach with donors, event organizers and business partners. With the help of many dedicated volunteers across Canada,  the organization is able to “support its supporters”.

The Breast Cancer Society of Canada truly believes that every dollar raised brings us one step closer to a cure.

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The Breast Cancer Society of Canada is a tax-exempt and registered charity (charitable registration number 137969861R0001).