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 Our Next Generation of Fundraisers


“While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about" 

"Caring Kids Corner” features young people who are passionate about finding a cure for breast cancer. If they are committed enough to organize a fundraising event at this age, imagine what they will be capable of when they’re older! Awesome job kids!

If you would like to recognize a "caring kid" please contact 

JD Flood

JD Flood makes a difference! When asked what inspired him to support the cause he anwsered: "Terry Fox. But then I got thinking about other types of cancer and first one I thought of was Breast cancer and since October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, I thought what better way to show support and make others aware then to tape my stick, knowing people will ask me why I taped it pink and then I could let them know and then ask if they would like to donate for such a great cause"

JD raised $360!

Thank you JD for raising breast cancer awareness and funds for breast cancer research!

October 2012

Jessa Smith

For Christmas 2011, Jessa Smith gave a close family friend the gift of not being alone.  Jessa, 11, decided to shave her head in honour of Cathy Lattin.  Cathy, a very close family friend was diagnosed with breast cancer would probably  start losing her hair over the Christmas break.  To show her love and support for Cathy during this difficult time, Jessa shaved her head in support of Cathy. Not only did Jessa raise $1,720 for the Breast Cancer Society of Canada, she also donated her hair to the Locks of Love foundation.  

Thank you Jessa! Your bravery and generosity is an inspiration to us all!


Ten year old Maeson cut her hair to raise funds for breast cancer research in support of a family friend.

Congratulations Maeson for surpassing your goal of $1,000 with a total of $1,200!

The staff and students at Maeson's school, Jean Vanier Catholic School in London, ON were so inspired that they raised an extra $1,100 to add to her efforts!


Thank you Maeson and everyone at Jean Vanier Catholic School! 

 Nicole Kundert

Nicole decided that she wanted to fundraise so she thought she should do what she does best. Create. So she made a catalogue of things she could make or bake. The catalogue had pictures and prices and included picture frames, cookies, bags, cupcakes, magnets, coasters, bracelets and key chains.

Her catalogue was distributed to friends and her parents’ coworkers. She received many orders for her inexpensive handmade items.  Her friend emptied her piggy bank to donate. When her Dad’s boss paid $20.00 for one cupcake she remarked that she wanted to marry that man someday!

On her 11th birthday she presented her donation to her Aunt, a three-year breast cancer survivor, to give to the Breast Cancer Society of Canada. In less than two months Nicole Kundert, all on her own, had baked and crafted and raised $200.00. She is a very special young lady and is an example to all of us of what one heart can do.

Thank you for your support Nicole! 

Colton and Elyse


Brother and sister team, Colton and Elyse wanted to "give back" by creating colourful duct tape bows (attached to a hair elastic or a bobby pin) as a fundraiser for the Breast Cancer Society of Canada.

The sale of these one of a kind bows totaled $75!


Thank you for your support Colton and Elyse!   

Rachel & Haley

Two friends Rachel and Haley dropped by the Breast Cancer Society of Canada office with their donation of $24.40. They raised this money by hosting an old fashioned lemonade stand.                                            

Thank you for your support girls!  


Mother's Day Walk 2010: Seven-year-old Mitch was there for his Grade 2 teacher that he calls Mrs. Fitz who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. "She's a wonderful lady. He would do anything he can," said Kim Keelan, Mitch's mother. Mitch also recruited his grandfather Brian Keelan for the walk. "He loves Mrs. Fitz," said the recruit.

Thank you Mitch!

Westside Secondary School

For the past 9 years Westside Secondary School in Oragenville has been organizing a one day event in October. This one day event involves head shavings, boys having their legs waxed, bake sales and lots and lots of pink hair. To date, Westside has raised over $50,000!!!

Thank you to all of the students and staff and Westside!


Barry Foot started "Cruise for the Cure" after the loss of his wife in 2009. His son Joshua, now 11 years old is following in his footsepts. He is an active boy who plays hockey and baseball. He is very much cognisant of the importance of breast cancer awareness and always promotes the cause and the memory of his mom by proudly wearing pink ribbons on his team shirts and “I wear PINK in honour of my hero, my mom” stickers on his helmets! 

Thank you Joshua!


The Breast Cancer Society of Canada is a tax-exempt and registered charity (charitable registration number 137969861R0001).