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 The Society's Research Focus 

The Breast Cancer Society of Canada shares with many individuals, organizations and research groups the long-term goal of curing all manifestations of breast cancer. The ultimate vision is to eventually eliminate the occurrence of breast cancer across Canada. This can only be achieved through research. 

We are driven by our vision to end breast cancer, and our mission to save lives through breast cancer research. We recognize that this progress will occur in incremental stages rather than in one dramatic step.  Hence, the Breast Cancer Society of Canada is dedicated to funding the innovative advancement of breast cancer research and care across Canada. This is achieved through funding and promoting the ongoing collaborative and transdisciplinary work of world-class Canadian translational breast cancer research groups. 

Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) 

A special committee has been developed to help aid the Board of Directors in their granting responsibilities. The Scientific Advisory Committee provides recommendations for the allocation of precious donor dollars to help ensure that the Breast Cancer Society of Canada is funding the most impactful research. 

The SAC members possess a variety of different skill sets and knowledge. Research intellect, cancer treatment experience and knowledge about the Breast Cancer Society of Canada serve the members of the SAC committee to help deliberate on the most effective use of a donor’s dollar. 

Experienced Board Members and a representative from each research team that BCSC funds is included in the SAC committee. Research team representatives include Dr. Alexander Patterson – Calgary, Dr. Afshin Raouf - Winnipeg, Dr. Ann Chambers and Dr. Allison Allan – London and finally Dr. Cathy Too – Halifax. Experts in their fields, these representatives are typically heads of research units, making them uniquely positioned to identify the most promising research projects and understand the most critical needs for breast cancer research funding.


Canadian Institute for Health Research (CIHR)

BCSC has a matching partnership with CIHR for the Eileen Iwanicki Post-Doctoral Fellowship for Breast Cancer Research. This fund was created as recognition for a bequest from Eileen Iwanicki of Fredericton, NB. CIHR manages the applications and the peer review process. BCSC recently signed a new agreement to extend the program for another five years. 

CancerCare Manitoba – Winnipeg

This is a new BCSC initiative with CancerCare Manitoba. Funds will be used to support three studentships for a one year term. These students will work with the Manitoba Breast Cancer Research Team located in Winnipeg. 

Pamela Greenaway Kohlmeier Translational Breast Cancer Research Unit (TBCRU) - London

BCSC has a very long and strong relationship with the TBCRU. The work of the unit is managed by Dr. Ann Chambers with assistance from Dr. Alison Allan. BCSC funds are used to support the ongoing work of the TBCRU and are divided between Senior Scientists stipend, small grants program, studentships and a very small allotment for equipment needs. Dr. Chambers manages applications for breast cancer research funding from the London area, regardless of institutional affiliations. As the TBCRU is located a few floors above the London Regional Cancer Program facility there is optimal opportunity for collaboration between research scientists and treatment physicians; an excellent example of a “bench to bedside”  philosophy .

QE II Foundation - Halifax

Managed by Dr. Michael Johnston of the Beatrice Hunter Cancer Research Institute and in partnership with the QEII Health Sciences Centre, this program operates similarly to the one in London. BCSC funds are used to support a breast cancer research award program and a cancer research training program.

Sunnybrook Hospital/Odette Cancer Centre - Toronto

The BCSC funding to Sunnybrook does not involve a research team approach. Funds are used to support the work of Dr. Greg Czarnota and his project using ultrasound microbubbles to enhance the effectiveness of radiation treatments on breast cancer patients. It is anticipated that this new procedure will soon be tested in clinical trials with patients at the Odette Cancer Centre.  

Tom Baker Cancer Centre - Calgary

Managed by Dr. Alexander Paterson of the Tom Baker Cancer Treatment Centre, this program focusses on seed funding (small grants). Dr. Paterson has formed a committee to vet applications from the Calgary area. The committee also provides annual updates to BCSC with details about currently funded projects. 




The Breast Cancer Society of Canada is a tax-exempt and registered charity (charitable registration number 137969861R0001).